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Attention to these workers was drawn when one of the them, Angelo de la Cruz, was abducted by terrorists in Iraq.

So many Filipina nurses get jobs overseas, that there are shortages of nurses in the Philippines and health care is in danger of collapsing.

But the sector that draws the most people from the Philippines overseas is, by far, household services.

In 2011, 142,486 people left the country to work as domestic helpers.

They can make more in tips in an evening than they could working for a month as a salesclerk back home. "The customers make offers," said Estrella Pumar, 31, who was heading from Manila to Osaka for her second tour.

In the United States, they work as nurses, accountants, care givers in nursing homes, salesladies and delivery people . At the United Nations Filipinos fill clerical positions and serve as translators.

At the Vatican, Filipino priests and nuns run many of the day-to-day activities.

"It's up to the girls to decide what kind of life to live." ~~ “The women live six or seven to a room provided by their employers.

If they are lucky, they get a day off every two weeks.

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Thousands of Philippine musicians and singers perform at resorts and hotels from Bali to Tokyo to san Francisco.

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